The GraphQL API for AWS, Azure, GCP, and K8s

CloudGraph is an open source tool that structures your multi-environment, multi-cloud data into a standardized, type-safe format

Built and maintained with love by the team at AutoCloud
why cloudgrapH?

Understanding the current state of your cloud environments is painful

Provider consoles all designed differently

Frustrating to find the information you need
Provider APIs are not uniform

Each service (e.g. EC2, VPC) returns a different data structure
Data for the same service types structured differently depending on the provider
Make countless queries to answer a simple question

Scope limited to a single account at a time

But with CloudGraph, if you can dream it,
you can query it!

What is the name, id, and ARN of every resource that lives in this VPC?
In these five AWS accounts, what is the daily cost for each M5 EC2 instance with the tag 'Environment: Production'?
Across all accounts, do we have any public S3 buckets, unencrypted EBS volumes, or internet-facing load balancers?

Multiple clouds, one standardized API

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read-only access
CloudGraph standardizes cloud dataCloudGraph standardizes cloud data
CloudGraph makes cloud data typesafeCloudGraph makes cloud data typesafe
CloudGraph shows connections between cloud assetsCloudGraph shows connections between cloud assets
Create Relationships
CloudGraph enriches cloud data with insightsCloudGraph enriches cloud data with insights
Dgraph database
Stored locally with Dgraph
GraphQL Logoexample query of cloud resources with GraphQL
Query with GraphQL!

Write simple queries,
solve complex challenges

Metadata, service relationships, and cost in a single query

For each M5 EC2 Instance in the us-east-1 region for the AWS Account 123456, get the ARN, daily cost, and its boot disk EBS Volume

query cloud resource metadata and total cost
query cloud resources by tag across different accounts

Query across accounts

Get all of the following VPC-related resources that have a tag of "Environment: Production" across all your AWS accounts

Get the power of CloudGraph with a visual layer and more
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